"II have been working with Ann for over two years and have been very impressed with her level of knowledge and volume of contacts in the healthcare industry. Ann always has a positive attitude that gives me a boost whenever I talk with her. If you ask Ann for information or she makes a commitment to perform a requested task, she always responds when promised. I enjoy working with Ann because I can sense her desire to do what’s right for our prospects and looks out for everyone’s best interest, even if it does not benefit her. I hear nothing but positive feedback from the healthcare community in regard to Ann’s commitment to her clients and relationships with practice managers and sales consultants alike. I would highly recommend Ann’s services. You can be assured she will do what she says she’ll do and will have your best interests in mind."
Mike Spencer | Regional Sales Consultant,
KIG Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

Communication Skills Training
AMG Group offers a variety of research based assessment tools, coaching and training programs. We can work with groups from one to 1,000. We will help identify needs, opportunities to improve and provide measurable results. Some of the programs we provide:

  • Sales training and coaching for individuals and groups, both for newly hired professionals and very experienced representatives
  • One-on-one, in the field sales training
  • Prospecting techniques
  • TalentProfiler™ assessments and coaching
  • Communication Styles assessments and debriefs
  • Medical Residency Training Programs designed to meet the ACGME requirements
  • Specialized Physician Communication Programs
  • Electronic medical records training, providing new skills to enhance patient communication while integrating the use of technology.

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"I've known Ann for just over a year. In that time, we've met on several occasions to bounce ideas around, share referrals, make introductions to others, and generally look for opportunities to grow and improve our businesses. I find her observations accurate, her insights revealing, her opinions straightforward, and her approach professional. Most of all, Ann's positive attitude and smiling personality make her a joy to be around for colleagues and clients alike."
Bill Collier | President, Collier Business Advisors
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