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Please Meet, Ann Grana.

President, AMG Group

Strategic Healthcare Innovation Technology Business Development/Sales, Data Aggregation, Datalakes, RPM Technologies, AI and Cloud Conversion

Ann Grana is a solutions-oriented senior sales/business development vice president/consultant with a deep background in healthcare technology, who develops and maintains business relationships with key decision-makers and who designs/delivers sales strategies and training programs for new products/services. Consistently outperforms peers in landing large contracts and attaining sales goals for healthcare clients. Sought-after professional trainer, coach, and speaker on organizational change/effectiveness. Reach Ann directly,


Ann’s current engagements include:

Aspire Health Innovations

Partner (Business Development for Healthcare/Medical Investor Growth Funding Positioning & Strategy)

Technology Partners

Databasin Product Manager-Population Health/Precision Medical Research All-in-One Analytics Solution


Innovation Advisory (Advisor to Early and Growth-Stage Health Tech Startups)

our partners trust us

KC Frank

HIM Executive

“Ann is incredibly talented and brings a positive attitude and tenacious work ethic to any project she is passionate about. Ann’s strong sales, leadership, coaching, and project management skills make her a joy to work with on a day to day basis. Over the years, I have been witness to the positive benefits she brings to the organizations she consults with, including DISC Corporation.”

Bill Collier

Owner/President of Arch Engraving

“I’ve known Ann since 2005 and have been fortunate enough to work with her on numerous projects. When one of my clients needed help getting his sales team focused and moving in the right direction, Ann did just that – quickly and professionally. We’ve shared the stage speaking several times, and her preparation and delivery are top notch. Regardless of the situation, her boundless enthusiasm and perpetual upbeat approach are her hallmarks. Ann is always a pleasure to be around, whether watching her in action helping others or working with her side-by-side.”

JoAnne Levy, J.D., M.B.A.

VP, Mercy Research

“I worked with Ann on the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Board for many years. She was the linch-pin of the HBA’s successful programs throughout that entire time. Ann is professional, incredibly detail-oriented, and very customer-focused. I enjoy being with her and her energy is contagious. Anyone would be lucky to have Ann supporting their team.”


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